SmG began in Halo earlier in 2010 and also has broadened into many games. Join for an great gaming community. Giveaways, bots, and also events!Twitter:



SmG started in Halo back in 2010 and also has expanded into countless games. Join for an awesome gaming community. Giveaways, bots, and also events!Twitter:

An event has torn into an are and produced portals bring about a ar in-between room and time.★ A Multifandom server! ★★ 13+ ★★ NSFW free server. ★★ OC friendly! ★★ strength OCS ★★ and More! ★
Arts ‘n’ Hats is a cozy ar for fans of the indie video game A hat in Time!Do you choose to draw, paint, code, compose, create or sculpt? do you create or reap fan contents of A cap in Time? then our server is the perfect location for you!Join ours community and also share your art in our arts channels, and also search for artwork of characters you like using ours tagging system!We plan to host regular art events, and we plan to include in plenty of custom emojis!

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