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functions 3-Stage an innovation to choose Bass Enhancer, active Noise Cancellation or Audio modeAvailable in liquid chrome through black accents or matte phantom blackComplete through chrome-plating, steel building with zinc hingesClosed circumaural ear cups with memory foam padding for comfort and also isolated soundFully articulating and also collapsible ear cups for easy storageDual jacks for sharing music with friendsComes with a detachable call cord with remote and also mic for connecting to her mobile device, add to one audio just cable and gold plated adaptorComes with luxe travel case warranty card and also polishing cloth

The tradition Over-Ear headphones rise over the monotony of tendency to provide a unique listening endure to connoisseurs the sound through its organization of 3-Stage hearne Technology. 3-Stage modern technology allows the user come switch between Bass Enhancer, active Noise Cancellation and also Audio modes. Lot like a deluxe sports auto shifts gears at varying speeds, 3-Stage modern technology puts you in the driver’s chair to pick the sound that ideal suits you in the moment. Developed with 40mm drivers, powerful circuitry and also anti-vibration aluminum for a power-packed soundstage, the legacy is engineered to an obstacle your hearne expectations. The over-ear headphones deliver rich, decision clear mid and high tones through deep distortion totally free bass.

Made to command attention, the tradition incorporates intricate detailing inspired by classic auto and timepiece design, including a premium animal leather band with diamond-quilted stitching and also rotating ear cups v steel octagonal bezels.

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Warranty: 1 Year A-Audio

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