We will never ever forget September 11, 2001 – a work of unimaginable tragedy, forever altering background and our place in the world. National geographical goes past what was commonly reported to disclose a clearer photo of events.

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we will never ever forget September 11, 2001 – a day of unimaginable tragedy, forever altering background and our location in the world. National geographical goes beyond what was widely reported to disclose a clearer photo of events.

within 9/11: war on America

Season 1, episode 2 TV-PG CC SD CC SD

From the '93 human being Trade center bombing and terrorist tasks aimed in ~ U.S. Targets throughout the '90s, to the horrific morning the 9/11. This is war on America.

9/10: The last Hours

Season 1, episode 3 TV-PG CC SD CC HD

National geographic explores, moment by moment, the day prior to everything readjusted in America and the world. Ordinary events are infused with an interpretation when perceived in a rear watch mirror. Little decisions end up being matters of life and also death the next morning.

within 9/11: Zero Hour

Season 1, episode 4 TV-PG CC SD CC SD

Zero Hour catches the horror and heroism experienced on 9/11, and also takes you right into the critical moments that those who passed away that day and the countless others that survived however will always live through the fight scars native a day we will never forget.

Guiliani's 9/11

Season 1, illustration 5 TV-14 CC SD CC HD

On 9/11 NYC's mayor led a city win by tragedy earlier from the brink - native the minute the worst terrorist assaults in U.S. History began. With distinctive access, National geographic takes Giuliani ago to moment indelibly significant by horror and heroism.

evil DC

Season 1, illustration 6 TV-14 CC SD CC HD

National geographic reconstructs the strike on the nation's resources moment by moment totally through home video; fire, rescue, and also police footage; and news coverage.

evil 9/11

Season 1, illustration 7 TV-PG CC SD CC SD

Amid the terror and the chaos of September 11th, some brand-new Yorkersgrabbed your cameras and also hit the highways to document the events ofthat historical day. Join six filmmakers, professionals and also amateurs,who share your extraordinary footage and also relate first-hand accountsof the attacks and also the aftermath.

inside 9/11: The War proceeds

Season 1, episode 8 TV-14 CC SD CC HD

Inside 9/11: The War continues tells the evolving story that radical Islam's war versus the West. Osama bin Laden has ultimately been lugged to justice, yet al Qaeda is tho going strong. Because that bin Laden, 9/11 was simply the start — the strike was designed to spark a transformation and produce a whole new generation of guys willing to wage jihad versus America. Yet ten year later, these same males have overshadowed bin Laden ~ above the global stage. And also their contact to jihad has gone viral through terror teams using the web to recruit and also radicalize future attackers in the surname of Allah.

George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview

Season 1, episode 9 TV-14 CC SD CC HD

Until now, previous president George W. Bush, has never disputed on camera what he was thinking and also feeling, and also what journey his real-time, life-or-death decisions in the first minutes, hours and days ~ the strikes of September 11, 2001. In the most thorough televised interview that has ever before given on the subject, President bush provides intimate detail on what he grappled v as both the commander in chief charged with protecting his fellow citizens, and also as a household man concerned for his loved ones. The candid monitorings by the former president illuminate his an individual journey through among the most unforgettable moment in contemporary American history.

The last Days that Osama Bin Laden

Season 1, episode 10 TV-14 CC SD CC HD

National geographical reveals the inside story of just how the U.S. Gathered the knowledge needed come pull off the surprised attack, with understanding from former CIA agents, navy SEAL operatives and high-ranking government officials.

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9/11: Voices indigenous the waiting

Season 1, illustration 11 TV-14 CC SD CC HD

Along through archival film, dramatic re-creations and interviews through air web traffic controllers, armed forces personnel and the family members of those ~ above the planes, this documentary take away a new look at the confusion and also terror of the mornings events.

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