As general of the Army, Dwight D. Eisenhower led the Allied forces to a victory in Europe during civilization War II. A well-known figure through the American people, that was chosen as our 34th President. This stamp was additionally issued v a 6¢ denomination in dark blue gray.

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Dwight David Eisenhower to be born top top October 14, 1890, in Denison, Texas.When Dwight was simply a baby, his family moved to Abilene, Kansas.In 1911, 2 years after graduating native Abilene High School, Dwight to be admitted come West Point.He graduated in 1915 and was assigned to fort Sam Houston, in Texas.
During “war games” in 1941, sublievenant Colonel Eisenhower commanded his pressures to victory over general George Patton’s “enemy force.”This earned that the location of brigadier general.In 1942, Eisenhower was promoted to major general, and also within months ended up being commanding basic of U.S. Forces in the European theatre of Operations.Over the previous two years, Eisenhower had advanced past 350 senior officers.By February 1943, Eisenhower to be a four-star general.
When the decision to be made come launch the largest seaborne intrusion in armed forces history, basic Eisenhower was preferred as supreme Commander the the ally Expeditionary force in Europe.On June 6, 1944, a multi-national force, commanded through Eisenhower, crossed the English Channel onto the coast in Normandy, France.By the evening, allied forces controlled the beach.
Following the invasion, in December 1944, Eisenhower was supported to five-star general, or general of the Army.In November of the complying with year, he became army Chief the Staff.
Eisenhower effectively ran for the Presidency in 1952, under a ticket that “Modern Republicanism.”Eisenhower emphasized lower federal government spending and increased efficiency.Among the domestic proposals that his very first term to be the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway and an federal government highway system, broadening of the Social security System, and raising the minimum wage to $1 every hour.
President Eisenhower traveled to Korea come negotiate an finish to the war.He ordered the CIA come take activity against Communist governments about the world.Eisenhower proposed a program referred to as Atoms for Peace, in which countries would donate atomic power to the united Nations.This program arisen into the international Atomic power Agency.
President Eisenhower’s second term to be even much more eventful.In September, 1957, Arkansas branch Orval E. Faubus defied a court stimulate to combine schools in small Rock.President Eisenhower sent out in the national Guard and the 101st Airborne division to enforce the order.Also in 1957, the Soviet Union ended up being the an initial nation in room when it released Sputnik I, the world’s first artificial satellite.
In 1951, the 22nd modification came into effect, limiting Presidents to 2 terms.Unable to operation for re-election in 1960, the President supported Vice president Richard Nixon.Following Nixon’s defeat, Eisenhower retired to his farm in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.Eisenhower passed away of heart failure on march 28, 1969.
US #4076b– native the 2006 American Diplomats issue

American diplomat Frances E. Willis to be born on might 20, 1899, in Metropolis, Illinois. She to be a pioneer in her ar – the first woman to end up being a job foreign service officer, the an initial US ambassador come Switzerland, and also the very first female career ambassador, among other remarkable firsts.Willis attended Stanford University, earning a degree in history in 1920. In 1923, she came to be the an initial person to receive a Ph.D. In political scientific research at Stanford. Willis walk on to teach background at Goucher College because that a year prior to transferring come Vassar College whereby she was an assistant professor the political science from 1924 come 1927.

US #4076b– Mystic very first Day CoverIn 1927, Willis, establish she “didn’t desire to just teach political science, want to it is in a part of it.” Therefore, she left her to teach position and became the 3rd woman in US background to go into the international Service. Together she later recalled, “the more I taught, the an ext I realized how tiny I actually knew about Government. I determined to uncover out firsthand what it to be like.”
US #4076b– Fleetwood very first Day CoverWillis’s an initial post was as a consular officer in Valparaiso, Chile. Over the next couple of years, she offered in Santiago, Stockholm, Brussels, and also Luxembourg. Willis was serving in Brussels when the Nazis got into Belgium. At the time, Ambassador Clare Booth Luce and also her husband to be visiting the ambassador in Brussels. Willis conduct to drive them v the German lines to Paris so they could evacuate back to the US.
US #4076b– Classic an initial Day CoverWillis spent many of world War II as an initial secretary and also consul of the united state embassy in Madrid. She to be then sent to the us State department to serve as one assistant come the secretary and also assistant head that the department of europe affairs. She then visited London in 1947 as an initial secretary of the embassy. In 1951, she checked out Finland wherein she served as counselor that legation and deputy chef of mission. She was the first woman to serve in this position.

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US #2532– Willis to be America’s very first ambassador come Switzerland.In 1953, president Dwight D. Eisenhower do Willis the first US ambassador to Switzerland. Before that, the highest-ranking American diplomat come Switzerland to be a minister. Willis is also considered the very first woman to become an ambassador by climbing the job ladder. Various other women had actually been ambassadors prior to her, but they to be usual appointed for political reasons, as opposed to their experienced qualifications. In 1955, she to be the only woman to attend the large Four Summit Conference in Geneva. That very same year she was additionally the first appointed career minister.
US #1402– Eisenhower appointed Willis to two of her 3 ambassador posts.Eisenhower called Willis ambassador to Norway indigenous 1957 come 1961. John F. Kennedy made she ambassador to Sri Lanka (known as Ceylon in ~ the time) native 1961 until her retirement in 1964. In 1962, she ended up being the first woman to attain the location of job ambassador. After ~ retirement, Willis served as a delegate come the 20thUN basic Assembly’s 3rd Commission on human Rights and Social Development. She was likewise head the the united state delegation come the 15thsession of the Kennedy ring of Tariffs in Geneva and chairman that the university of Redlands Johnston College board of Overseers and also Long variety Planning Committee. Willis passed away in California ~ above July 23, 1983.Willis earned several awards throughout her lifetime, including Woman the the Year from the Los Angeles Times and the Eminent achievement Award from the American Woman’s Association. Additionally, in 1973 the Foreign service Association provided her the Foreign company Cup for her “outstanding contribution to the command of foreign relations the the joined States.”