Multi Flame manage : turning on the hob ignites the inside ring. Each progressive turn afterwards ignites the external rings together well.
Auto Ignition : Burner ignition is integrated in the knob. The flame have the right to be lit and adjusted by pushing and turning it with one hand.
Warranty : IFB developed in Hobs are built to last with a 5 years warranty because that Hybrid Hobs and also 1 year guarantee for built-in Hobs.

uncompromise on performance

IFB built-in Hob"s brass burner room resistant come corrosion and also high temperatures and also includes safety features like fire Failure security Device.

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uncompromise ~ above aesthetics & ease of use

Tastefully designed enamelled IFB integrated Hobs v bevelled edges add a touch of elegance come the kitchen and also support ring bottomed vessels offered in Indian cooking.

Bevelled & Toughened Glass

asthetically appealing

cast stole and advanced enamelled grids include a touch the elegance to the kitchen.

Bevelled actors Iron Grids

sturdy & robust

Cast iron grids through bevelled edge to assistance round bottomed vessels provided in Indian cooking.

Multi Flame manage

easy flame adjustment

Turning on the hob ignites the within ring. Each progressive turn afterwards ignites the external rings as well.

Auto Ignition

single hand operation

Burner ignition is combined in the knob. The flame deserve to be lit and changed by pressing and turning it v one hand.

uncompromise on tranquility of mind

The back-up of a warranty, the ease of house delivery and convenient exchange offers.

develop Quality

international robust design

Stylish style with a sturdy finish, including to the kitchen’s elegance.

IFB treatment

24x7 company support

Across 2,500+ cities nationwide, sustained by our helpline. Just speak to 1860 208 5678.

IFB Essentials

machine care

Specially recipe kitchen appliance cleaner for your microwave and also other appliances.

my IFB

updates, recipes, offers and also the recent launches

Download the my IFB App and get connected—shop, cook, it is registered your appliance, book a service.

Exchange program

round the year

Offers great value, do it basic to upgrade while additionally ensuring eco-friendly disposal of electronic components.

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we offer a supervisor warranty

IFB built in Hobs are developed to last with a 5 years warranty because that Hybrid Hobs and also 1 year guarantee for integrated Hobs.

through EMI options, walk shopping online v the freedom to salary for your IFB appliance in simple installments.
our website is her one-stop-shop to explore and buy indigenous our variety of products. So, sit ago and relax while girlfriend shop in ~ your own pace.
us realise the prestige of a solid fraud detection and resolution capability. We and also our online payment partners monitor transactions repeatedly for suspicious activity and flag potentially fraudulent transactions for manual verification by our team.
us take great pride in delivering most of ours orders within 7 functioning days*. Our extensive network that warehouses, branches, sleeve showrooms and also dealers ensures us cover 500+ cities throughout India and also the list is growing. *Terms and also conditions apply.
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