Ancestry and also DNA mail-in services have actually gotten extremely popular over the last couple of years. Who deserve to resist recognize out wherein your civilization came from? every it takes it a quick cheek swab, some patience, and around $100. And also voila! your family’s ancestry is delivered right to your inbox. It’s really funny to read stories of human being who obtained results the were extremely surprising. Or stories of human being who were hoping for something interesting, and also got results that were like, congrats you’re really white! 23andMe is just one of these ancestry services, and also people are having actually a tiny fun at your expense. They’re do memes mirroring their “ancestry” and some the these space honestly hilarious.

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The 23andMe memes poke funny at several of the results civilization get, and what they great they’d gotten.

When your 23andMe results are so disappointing you gotta create a song about it

— Funny Or die (
funnyordie) may 2, 2018

Poor Skee-Lo, LOL. He desire he was every one of those things.

I gained my 23andMe outcomes back… just as i suspected… gay.

— Joshua ledford (
joshuajtl98) may 2, 2018

I legit laughed out loud at “mixed gay & Skinny”. Such a varied tapestry!

I gained my 23andMe results earlier

— Peter Kelly (
PeterKelly25) April 30, 2018

Admit it: you review this and immediately began to sing that song, didn’t you. Likewise these results are uncomfortably close come what I doubt my own family tree would be. Maybe slightly much less lover and also child, and slightly an ext mother and also sinner.

Just got my 23andme results back:

12% Picker8% Grinner9% Lover7% Sinner14% Player that music in the sun 13% Joker8% Smoker16% Midnight toker13% obtain my lovin' ~ above the run

— Jack O’ Lantern (
OliverCJack) might 1, 2018

16% midnight toker? ns feel prefer that would be higher for … so many civilization I know.

just gained my 23andme back… life is crazy

— rosettastonecold ? (
rsc_ssb) April 27, 2018

100% that Bitch. Sounds about right!

Just obtained my 23 and also Me test results back, and I’m:41% skater boy58% view you69% later on boy78% not good enough for her

— spooky boiled denim, i guess (
boiledDenim420) may 4, 2018

I really evaluate that 78% not good enough because that her. It’s funny due to the fact that it’s true!

While it’s fun to joke about ancestry outcomes (and really, take it them through a grain of salt), services prefer 23andMe do carry out a an essential service to world who don’t know enough about their genealogical or medical histories. I have a friend who was may be to attach with household she didn’t even know she had since she uncovered them on a shared DNA site. That’s quite amazing, as soon as you think around it.

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So if you do one of these DNA tests, i hope it yields the outcomes you were hoping for. And also I expect you make a meme around them and also share it through me.

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