TikTok just launched a brand brand-new Year in review feature, and if you use it friend can obtain a distinct 2021 badge – here’s just how to carry out it.

This month, Spotify to reduce its yearly covering feature, permitting users to see specifically what music they’ve to be listening come in 2020. Apple also followed suit, releasing a similar feature called Apple Music Replay.

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Have you ever before wished the there to be a comparable feature because that TikTok, permitting you to view a roundup of your year ~ above the society media app? Well, currently you can!

Plus, friend can even get a 2021 argorial to add to her profile photo. Here’s whatever you need to know.


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What is the 2021 argorial on TikTok?

If you’ve to be on tiktok over the past couple of days, girlfriend may have seen a lot of of civilization with something dubbed a 2021 badge.

The badge is an effect that can be added to her profile photograph to storage moving into 2021.

TikTok said: “To keep the party going, when you share your Year ~ above TikTok video clip on tiktok you’ll unlock a distinct ‘2021’ badge that deserve to be included to your profile photo to assist bring in the brand-new year.”

But exactly how do you unlock it? Let’s discover out.

How to gain the 2021 argorial on TikTok

To obtain the 2021 argorial you’ll need to use TikTok’s new ‘Year ~ above TikTok’ feature. TikTok just launched its own Year in Review, allowing users come look earlier at their time on the application during 2020.

“Starting today, we’re providing you the possibility to take a an individual stroll down memory lane with our first ‘Year top top TikTok’ in-app feature, a distinct recap the highlights few of the tik moments that identified YOUR 2020 on TikTok,” tiktok state on their main website.

TikTok will offer you details such as your many played tracks, favourite an innovative effects and also the type of contents you loved most, bringing whatever together in your very own personalised 2020 highlights video.

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To access this feature:

Open TikTok and look for the unique ‘Year top top TikTok’ banner i beg your pardon will show up at the optimal of your ‘For You’ web page or on the ‘Discover’ tab.Click top top the banner and also tap ‘get started’, then your app will develop your own personalised video.

Make certain you have updated your TikTok app otherwise the attribute won’t work.

Once did you do it looked at her Year top top TikTok, you will do it unlock the 2021 badge.

How to apply the 2021 argorial

After you’ve unlocked the 2021 badge, article your highlight video to your tiktok profile, climate the argorial will automatically be used to her profile photo.

If the argorial doesn’t soon apply, discover someone rather who has actually the 2021 badge on their profile photo. Then click on their badge and press ‘get your badge’.

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