Whether you"re an eco-friendly auto buyer or you just want to conserve money at the pump, you might be considering hybrid and electric models. One alternative to look at in this segment is the Ford fusion Hybrid, a capable, sporty, and stylish vehicle from among America"s top automotive manufacturers.

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Whether you"re one eco-friendly automobile buyer or you just want to conserve money in ~ the pump, you could be considering hybrid and also electric models. One alternative to look at in this segment is the Ford blend Hybrid, a capable, sporty, and stylish auto from among America"s leading automotive manufacturers.

2020 Ford combination Hybrid: arrival

The 2020 Ford fusion Hybrid is a sedan the comes in 3 trim levels: the SE, Titanium, and SEL. All models have four doors and feature the exact same 2.0-liter four-cylinder gas/electric hybrid engine. Front-wheel drive comes standard, together does a repeatedly variable transmission that it is intended smooth, also shifting. According to info from Ford, the combination produces approximately 188 horsepower.

Ford combination Hybrid FAQs

One frequently asked question is just how many people can sit in the Ford combination Hybrid? This sedan has actually seating for as much as five.

Another generally asked inquiry is whether the blend Hybrid is a an excellent car. According to U.S. News, Edmunds, MotorTrend, and Cars.com, the prize is yes, many thanks to the sporty features and intuitive infotainment package. This vehicle likewise includes a lengthy list of standard functions designed to store you comfortable and connected. When compared to competitors, the combination Hybrid isn"t rather as efficient and also doesn"t have as much cargo space. Some various other models also feature much more powerful engines.

Wondering just how much the Ford combination Hybrid costs? The beginning MSRP for the combination Hybrid is $28,000, making the a bit pricier than timeless gas-powered sedans in the class. The price walk align well with most similar electric and also hybrid models.

2020 Ford combination Hybrid Pros and also Cons

Pros that the 2020 blend Hybrid include:

A user-friendly and intuitive infotainment setup.High-end cabin features.Sporty performance and handling.

Cons that this model include:

Lower fuel performance than other hybrid vehicles.A small cargo area.Reduced headroom and rear visibility as result of its sleek roofline.Slower acceleration at highway speeds.

Ford blend Hybrid crucial Features

One an essential feature that comes standard on every 2020 blend Hybrid is Ford Co-Pilot. This suite that safety functions includes:

Blind Spot information System (BLIS): Illuminates an icon in the next mirror as soon as it detects a vehicle in the blind spot.Automatic High-Beam Headlights: Gives girlfriend a check out of what"s comes on the roadway ahead.Pre-Collision aid With automatically Emergency Braking: Provides a warning for a potential collision and also can use the brakes if needed.Rearview Camera: Gives you a view of what"s behind the automobile when backing up.Lane-Keeping Assist: Alerts you as soon as the auto drifts outside its lane and can nudge the steering wheel to guide the vehicle ago into that lane.

Ford combination Hybrid Interior features

According come Edmunds, within the cabin that the blend Hybrid, seating features encompass a 10-way power driver"s seat through an flexible lumbar, a four-way power-adjustable passenger seat, and a 60/40 split-folding behind seat. Cloth upholstery also comes standard. Both rows the seating feature quite a little bit of legroom and also headroom, which is appealing for taller buyers. Optional enhancements for the cabin encompass a heated steering wheel, heated and also ventilated front seats, partial- and also full-leather upholstery, and also a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The typical entertainment features encompass a nine-speaker audio device with satellite radio, two 4.2-inch configurable LCD displays, one 8-inch touchscreen with Ford"s SYNC 3 infotainment, and FordPass Connect. Navigating with voice regulate functionality is likewise included. The SYNC 3 is intuitive, when the knobs space well-placed for simplified controls. Optional tech and also entertainment upgrades include sound solution with added speakers and HD radio.

On the comfort and also convenience side of the deluxe cabin, the list of standard functions is extensive:

First-row floor mats.Front addressed armrest with twin cup holders and also a central console.Rear armrest with twin cup holders.Integrated storage within the front doors.Rain-sensing windshield wipers through intermittent/speed-sensitive settings.Active noise control.Remote release of decklid.Map lights and dome lamp.Dual front visor mirrors v illumination.Power locks and windows.Auto-dimming rearview mirror.Tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel.Dual 12-volt strength outlets.Rotary gear shift dial.Roof grab handle in front and also rear.Audio controls and also cruise controls top top steering wheel.Exterior temperature gauge.Keyless ignition.EcoSelect setting.Ford"s MyKey.

A power-operated sun roof is also available as one upgrade.

Ford fusion Hybrid Power and also Handling

Beneath the hood the the Ford fusion Hybrid, you"ll uncover an 88-kilowatt electrical motor paired with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, claims Ford. The an unified output is 188 horsepower, and also the powertrain connects to a continuously variable transmission. Similar to various other hybrid models with electric motors, the blend Hybrid increases quickly because of the nearly instantaneous distribution of torque. After the initial jump, the acceleration feels an ext leisurely, so drivers have to take into consideration this facet of the powertrain when speeding up to unify onto the highway or make a rapid pass.

Ford fusion Hybrid Safety

Standard safety tools in the 2020 blend Hybrid includes:

Rearview camera.Front-seat side airbags.Dual-stage driver and also passenger airbags.Driver and also passenger knee airbags.Seatbelt pretensioners (front and also rear).LATCH (Lower Anchor and also Tether Anchors for Children) for boy restraint seats in the behind outboard seats and also an top tether anchor in the rear middle seat.Rear child safety locks.SOS post-crash alert.Tire press monitoring.

The combination Hybrid likewise comes standard with Ford"s Co-Pilot360, a suite of safety aids.

Ford combination Hybrid Specifications

One the the highlights of the fusion Hybrid is its superior fuel economy. The EPA approximates come in at 109 MPGe in the city and also 97 MPGe ~ above the highway, developing a linked estimate of 103 MPGe.

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Ford combination Hybrid - 11 model Years

Cars.com defines that the fusion Hybrid has actually been part of the Ford lineup for an ext than a decade. The 2020 model has actually a an unified fuel economy estimate the 42 mpg and is easily accessible with front-wheel and also all-wheel drive. Several of the many notable alters to the 2020 version incorporate forward collision alert v automatic emergency braking together standard, and also the ease of access of Android Auto and also Apple CarPlay smartphone integration.