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We had the same issue in our 2010 AWD. The turned the end to be a reasonably easy and also inexpensive fix. These vehicles and most of them on the road now are "fly by wire", in other words instead of having actually a cable or affiliation connecting the pedal come the accelerator plate on the engine there"s a sensor on the pedal that tells the computer system how much you"re pushing it down and the computer tells an actuator on the throttle body exactly how much to open up. The problem with most of these the are having actually this concern is the actuator on the throttle body is walking out. The accelerator body and also actuator space purchased together a unit and can be changed out with an easy tools in less than a half hour. The new throttle body unit have the right to be to buy for less than $150 at rather a couple of vendors. Expect this helps.


Sounds prefer a common Chevy problem. Mine wife"s 08 impala had the very same issue. "Service traction control" "engine strength reduced". Auto ran sluggish. Swapped the pedal out and also issue resolved. Simple. Eliminate two bolts and unplug one plug. Turning back directions for install. Sent from free App
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I have actually a 2010 AWD Traverse v the same issues as in this post. My codes are p182e and also p0700. Has actually anyone properly gotten this fixed? Or am ns looking in ~ long battle that ns will never ever win?

Are you planning to have actually this repaired you yourself or are you hope to occupational with the fix shop? If you"re interested in working v the dealership we"d be more than happy to set that up for you. We desire to ensure girlfriend have access to all the important resources to acquire this taken treatment of, and also we feel the dealership is normally in the best position to technically assist. If you"d prefer to take this strategy please send us a PM v your full call information, VIN, mileage, and also preferred dealership. Thanks!Amber N.Chevrolet customer Care

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I have a 2009 Traverse and I have truly delighted in it until the last few months. Starting in April my vehicle will periodically merely not start. No attempt to start but not rotate on, simply turn the an essential and...nothing! I have taken that in come the shop multiple times. Either it starts up simply fine after I contact the garage (has happened multiple times) or will begin if ns leave that alone for about 30 minute (has also happened lot of times). As soon as I execute take it to the garage the does not register any error codes so mine mechanic has no idea whereby to start. That is no the battery (new in February), changed the ignition switch (no change), and replaced the starter (no change.) It has tendency to job-related well day-to-day for a couple of weeks and then "acts up" because that a day. It lastly left one engine irradiate on because that my mechanic and gave him at the very least 10 codes which led him to think it might be a trouble with a junction box and also may be associated to the traction control (which additionally periodically is a problem). I love mine Traverse and also was plan on to buy a more recent one this coming Spring but now i don"t know. Anyone have comparable issues?