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We Had the same worry in our 2010 AWD. It turned out to be a reasonably easy and also inexpensive settle. These vehicles and many of them on the road currently are "fly by wire", in other words rather of having actually a cable or linkage connecting the pedal to the throttle plate on the engine there"s a sensor on the pedal that tells the computer just how much you"re pushing it down and also the computer system tells an actuator on the throttle body how much to open up up. The problem with the majority of of these that are having this problem is the actuator on the throttle body is going out. The throttle body and also actuator are purchased as a unit and deserve to be changed out with simple tools in much less than a fifty percent hour. The brand-new throttle body unit have the right to be purchased for less than $150 at quite a few merchants. Hope this helps.


Sounds like a normal Chevy difficulty. My wife"s 08 impala had the very same worry. "Service traction control" "engine power reduced". Car ran slow. Swapped the pedal out and problem resolved. Simple. Remove two bolts and also unplug one plug. Reverse directions for install. Sent from Free App
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I have actually a 2010 AWD Traverse via the same problems as in this post. My codes are p182e and p0700. Has anyone efficiently gained this fixed? Or am I looking at lengthy battle that I will certainly never win?

Are you planning to have actually this repaired yourself or are you hoping to work-related through the repair shop? If you"re interested in functioning via the dealership we"d be even more than happy to collection that up for you. We want to encertain you have actually accessibility to all the important sources to obtain this taken care of, and we feel the dealership is primarily in the finest position to technically aid. If you"d favor to take this approach please send us a PM via your complete call information, VIN, mileage, and wanted dealership. Thanks!Amber N.Chevrolet Customer Care

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I have a 2009 Traverse and also I have truly delighted in it till the last few months. Starting in April my automobile will certainly periodically simply not begin. No attempt to start yet not rotate on, ssuggest turn the essential and also...nothing! I have actually taken it in to the shop multiple times. Either it starts up just fine after I contact the garage (has taken place multiple times) or will certainly begin if I leave it alone for around 30 minutes (has actually also taken place multiple times). When I carry out take it to the garage it does not register any kind of error codes so my mechanic has no idea wright here to begin. It is not the battery (brand-new in February), reinserted the ignition switch (no change), and also reput the starter (no readjust.) It has a tendency to work-related well daily for a pair of weeks and also then "acts up" for a day. It finally left an engine light on for my mechanic and also gave him at least 10 codes which led him to think it could be a trouble with a junction box and might be connected to the tractivity manage (which also periodically is a problem). I love my Traverse and also was planning on buying a more recent one this coming Spring yet now I do not know. Anyone have equivalent issues?