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2005 santa fe with hand-operated heater controls. Blower motor protect against working. So ns checked power to motor, obtaining 12 volts. Installed new motor and also still wont work, ns grounded the yellow wire and also motor ran ~ above high. If the switch is negative why was i getting 12 volts? also the motor would certainly not operation on high so this appears to eilminate a resistor problem.

2005 santa fe with hand-operated heater controls. Blower motor stop working. So ns checked strength to motor, getting 12 volts. Installed brand-new motor and still no work, i grounded the yellow wire and also motor ran on high. If the move is negative why was i obtaining 12 volts? likewise the motor would not run on high for this reason this seems to eilminate a resistor problem.
Switch works ground next of circuit.... Diod you probe both terminal of engine connector for resource voltage and also ground at same time ??Turn fan switch on,, then through thumb, carefully push in on facility of knob and rock slightly and also see if the pan takes turn off running.. Most typical problem is the fan switch, generally on the parts shelf if dealer any kind of good.. Other uncommon suspect is the fan resistor, traction it and also look for strip to be damaged from terminal.
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I have actually the same trouble with my 2003 Santa Fe. I have actually replaced the Resistor and also blower switch likewise checked fuses. I checked voltage and get 14V at motor likewise get 14V at engine ground terminal (when grounded). Once grounded the blower engine kicks on to HIGH. Yet when i don"t include the ground it does not work. Ns am in ~ a loss.NOTE: every other attributes work i.e. A/C, vent opens and closes etc...Any assist would it is in appreciated. Thank you
2005 Santa Fe - blower wont run
I"m replying to this old post but with comparable problem, need advice. 2005 Santa Fe, pan doesn"t punch at all, on any of the speeds. AC or heat doesn"t matter, still doesn"t run. After reading lots of posts, ns tried the typical culprit of the blower switch, just replaced that (great instructions on here btw), however still no results. Make the efforts pressing tough on the control knob when turning, yet nothing happens. Just other details I have is the highest speed hasn"t worked in a couple of years, so perhaps the resistor provided out, and since over there is a problem with the high speed, speeds 1-3 don"t occupational me either... To do matters worse, this is my girlfriend"s vehicle, and she"s relying ~ above me to fix it because its still winter and also we room in the northeast. Any type of advice friend can provide would be helpful!!!!Thanks in advance