I have a 2000 Blazer 4.3 Liter Vortex. The was to run great, then because that no reason and also with no lights coming on and also no strange noises it simply shut off and we haven't to be able to begin it since, uneven we placed fuel in the accelerator body, then it will start and also run for just a sec until the gas burns out. Us have adjusted the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel press regulator, camshaft positioning sensor, distributor cap & rotor and still it won't start. Us scanned it and there space no codes coming up. Please help, i can't afford to placed it in the shop and also I dislike to just keep wasting money on components we don't require !Thanks, Rachel

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walk you inspect for power at the fuel pump? as soon as you turn the vital to on, the pump must run because that 2-3 seconds, go it? If not, examine fuses under the hood and in the cab, likewise check the fuel pump relay, If you have the right to hear the fuel pump operation in the tank ns would inspect for spark since it sounds favor a crankshaft edge sensor has actually failed.https://www.rwandachamber.org/articles/how-to-test-an-ignition-systemPlease run down this guide and report backCheers

We checked it again this morning and also we did acquire a password this time. P1351, for this reason I obtained a new ignition coil & ignition regulate module however these didn't adjust a thing either. Please assist I am worn down of to run to the components store! every fuses and also relays have actually been tested and my brand-new fuel pump is working an excellent with 60-66 psi, but still no start.

it still sounds choose a crankshaft edge sensor right here is a overview to aid you watch what you space in for when doing the job.https://www.rwandachamber.org/articles/crankshaft-angle-sensor-replacement

hi Mike, thanks for her reply to mine 2000 Blazer problems. I dislike to bother you but I wanted to let you understand I replaced the crankshaft edge senor and the engine started appropriate up.I love this site.

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Hello, i was driving house from work and also got on come the highway ramp. I put my foot top top the gas and got up to about 60mph. As soon as I placed my foot earlier down top top the gas I would certainly not accelerate. My auto slowly to be coming come a stop and also my battery light was blinking. The auto was make a "goo-goo, goo-goo" sound as it was slowing down through a slight vibration feeling. I put my auto in park and started it earlier up and also moved probably 30 feet and the car totally died in a busy intersection throughout rush hour.A jump would certainly not start it earlier up, therefore I gained it towed back to mine house. Today a family friend that works on my automobile from time to time said it to be my alternator. I bought a new alternator, and battery. The automobile still will not start.He now thinks it is the fuel pump however I deserve to hear the pump comes on. Can anyone please aid me?