This page offers stories it is registered by tornado and hail storm survivors. This accounts have actually not to be verified. If you survived a tornado or recognize someone that did, share her story and assist save lives. PleaseContact Us.

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PLEASE note that we have permission to publish your story online and let us know the town and state and the month and year of the event.

Adam Taylor, Cleveland TN, April 12 (Easter), 2020

I thrived up both a small frightened and excited by storms and also tornadoes. My mamaw and great grandmother to be both horrified that storms, probably an undiagnosed instance of lilapsophobia or astraphobia. For me, the sound that the nuclear plant sirens being offered as tornado sirens to be the scariest. Anyway, I started to study and also learn as much about severe rwandachamber.org as I could. In the 8 hours grade, a tornado struggle our little town and also killed one man. I sat through a wall in mine classroom that was mainly glass windows and there was some communication between classrooms the our county to be under warning, however we never got in the hallway. Ns actually quit the lesson and also told the teacher the the skies was turning an ugly, almost evil, environment-friendly color. My teacher said, "class, i don't think we space in Kansas anymore." It touched down much less than a mile from us.

April 27, 2011 to be a sad and also horrific day for the southeast. I functioned at a hardware store and although us weren't directly hit, 2 inch PVC pipeline was suck from out racks and also shot 14 inches into a surrounding yard. Later that night, I uncovered mail in my yard from Cullman, Alabama. I likewise found coloring assignments indigenous an elementary college somewhere i didn’t recognize.

I prayed that night he and also my neighbor Mrs. Brooks to be safe. I say this names because it’s forever etched in my mind. Mine mother and also aunt observed insulation and also siding scattered in our yard. We remember 2x4s flying high increase in the sky favor helicopter propellers. Us were blessed and also spared that day.

Fast forward almost 9 years, i was visiting a friend's home for an Easter cookout. I was well aware of risk of the storms going right into the night. Approximately 10:45 am, my neighbor of couple of words sent out a message that read "hey, bubba-tree on her bedroom. I have a experienced if you require it. It’s in your carport." Apparently, a non-severe storm struggle the area and also a medium sized tree hit my house.

Frustrated, ns jumped in mine car and also headed home. It to be odd since with the rain, ns figured the environment had stabilized some. Anyway, ns pulled in and also it was easy raining. Mine neighbor, attract a pink bathrobe, nodded in the direction of the carport, in a way that said "it's appropriate there", i waved and also said “thanks” and that I'd return that in the morning. He nonchalantly increased his beer and also nodded. Ns unlocked the door,grabbed a hoodie and turned the lamp on and went to assess the damage with the witnessed in hand.

It was about 11:30 am as I obtained to the tree ns realized mine pink robe sporting neighbor had put his ladder up for me ideal where I essential it. So ns primed and also fired up the saw and also went halfway increase the ladder to acquire the heaviest part off the roof. The rain had picked up and I began cutting, my mind thinking around how come cover the roof. I had actually forgotten the rwandachamber.org. Together I suggested in my mind, virtually in a trance,about the quickest and easiest way to acquire this done, that was choose someone snapped your fingers in my face. That was like I woke up and realized it was deadly still. No rain, no breeze, just the saw rumbling and vibrating my hand.

Out of the edge of mine eye I see my pink robe sporting hero, and also I do mean hero,waving both hands,one that which quiet clung to a beer. I cut the experienced off and looked at him together he started pointing off in the direction of the west. It to be then the heard the rumble of the well known freight train. I experienced power flashes and also knew it to be coming. I dropped the saw,which stuck straight up in the ground, and also gracefully slid down the ladder, which i am a grizzly be affected by each other of a guy at 285 lbs through the height (5'7") and heart that a teddy bear. So graceful wasn't frequently used to explain me. I ordered his saw and noticed, choose a ghost,he was gone inside.

I rounded the carport and also flung open the door and also just prefer I would any type of other day, kinda flung it behind my ago to close the with three fingers, just to have actually it satisfy the wind and also come ago on me. Ns slammed it shut as the strength went out. My life room looked eerie together I could see flashes of lightening and power flashes. Ns jumped right into a 1/2 bath that was appropriate inside the door and also slammed the door and also laid down and also covered my head and prayed because that forgiveness and for mine family.

My mind to be racing with a million thoughts, regrets, prayers, etc., yet I still noticed the pressure adjust and could feel waiting from under the door together it blew in in the direction of me, then sucked ago out the the room. I heard points slamming mine house, then the sheetrock overhead dropped down and it sounded prefer my roof lifted and also came ago down. I heard the sound that nails being pulled the end of wood, glass breaking, and also then the scariest sound I've ever before heard, and also pray the I never ever hear again. It to be a groan. A moaning. And I deserve to only explain it as evil. It brought about me to shake head come toe, and that shaking continued on native April 12 until the day ns met mine girlfriend in early August.

I all of sudden felt miscellaneous hit my head and also everything to be peaceful. I opened up my eyes and moved component of the ceiling truss that had actually concussed me. I felt warm on mine wet head comes from a small cut. Ns was puzzled and very thirsty. Ns walked into the kitchen,kicking debris the end of the way, and also got an undisturbed glass from mine counter and also chugged a full glass that water. The came ago to me gradually as i stared right into the darkness the my life room, wherein I can see the moon peeking through the clouds v the feet in mine ceiling, and even climate it feeling unreal.

I went exterior to check out my car, totally and thickly extended in mud and grass, just on one side. I gained blinded by a light together i exited the carport. That "the robe man", comes to inspect on me. Ns asked if he and his wife, or "ole lady" together he referred to as her,were ok. The shook his head yes while providing me the yes symbol v his appropriate hand, and also a coffee mug,with immediate coffee inside, had replaced his beer in his left hand. Ns stood there and tears poured under my face,not from the dislocated shoulder or pounding headache native the concussion, yet from the thankfulness ns felt for him for the saw and for standing outside to warn me.

He opened up his arms and also I hugged that guy so hard he tapped mine shoulder because I to be squeezing him. We were blessed the day because aside indigenous a couple of injuries, no fatalities to be reported from mine town. Together for my shaking, the continued, in addition to occasional nightmares, till that following August until my ns met my girlfriend. She noticed the shaking and also understood why it to be happening. But like a miracle, she took it away from me. Currently the only time i shake is due to the fact that I still gain butterflies everytime I see her come v the door. Be safe folks. It is in rwandachamber.org aware. And also never judge a guy in a pink bathrobe.

Jennifer Henson-Collins

Early on the morning of march 3, 2020 a E-F4 tornado fight the Cookeville, Baxter, Tennessee area where we live. Ns heard the siren go off and grabbed mine kids and we took shelter in the laundry hallway. The tornado remained in our earlier yard! The tornado picked us up v the hardwood floor and also landed united state 250 feet across the street! We lost everything! I can feel mine guardian Angel ideal behind us hovering over us to protect us. Us were hollaring out to God for aid & he helped us! We had minimum injuries. The scariest night of my life. We’re quiet trying to number things out. Our lives have been forever adjusted since that early on morning tornado

Braedyn Griffin, Lincoln, NE

I was around 6 or 7 years old, living in Lincoln, NE, and ready to finish the institution year. Coming house from institution one day, I observed a dark blue come gray cloud coming towards my house. It was weird because as a little kid I probably wouldn't understand what a supercell was.

I observed my mom's car and then heard her yell mine name. It fear me due to the fact that she to be so loud and also said to gain in the auto now. Ns didn't know what was happening so ns ran to the car and also got in. She instantly started the car and told me come buckle up. So i did and she donate out.

That is once I looked ago at the cloud and it terrified me. The cloud had a little funnel spring cloud inside of it. My mommy said to keep my eye ahead. We eventually got to the house and also then us heard a according to siren. She said to obtain inside thehouse now and also get downstairs. Mine dad looked scared. He brought the radio and also a flashlight, while mine mom got some batteries and snacks. As soon as we all acquired downstairs, we heard really according to banging ~ above the roof.

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My dad stated that it was hail, and my mom was make the efforts to save me and my sisters calm. Climate after a couple of minutes it acquired quiet, so us turned on the radio and heard that an EF-2 tornado touched under just east of Sheridan elementary (my school), take it a chunk the the institution off. I was yes, really sad and also near bawling, and also then i heard a enormous loud rumble that began to shake the house. Climate the lamp went out. Mine dad turn on the flashlight and also the rumble started to slow. Us listened come the radio and heard the something was dissipating. I can not understand what it was saying but I presume it intended tornado. This to be the scariest moment of my life and I hope nothing prefer this happens ever again.

Chris Tuveng, Dallas, Texas, 2019