Tom and Karen have actually an out of regulate teen daughter called Madikid. They are so despeprice to obtain her some aid that they turned to Dr. Phil. The blunt TV hold served up a dose of truthfulness this family members wasn’t all set to hear, however it is in their ideal interemainder to listen.

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Madison’s actions is erratic. Imagine a teenage hellion combined via a two-year-old. That’s Madiboy. In enhancement to screaming as soon as she doesn’t obtain her method and throwing finish temper tantrums at age 15, Madiboy has actually likewise been charged via grand also theft auto. In addition, she hits and threa10s her paleas.

They have to lock dvery own their home simply to sleep as they are afraid Madison might hurt them while they are sleeping. They additionally carry out this to protect their various other youngsters. These parental fees are living a nightmare!


Tom and Karen haven’t held Madiboy accountable for her actions. They have actually dropped legal actions versus her, so she has obtained free passes. It is hard to teach a boy their actions have actually consequences as soon as the after-effects are rerelocated.

These parents are at their wit’s finish. Not only is Madichild even more than a handful, she is attempting to corrupt her 13-year-old sister into the same type of actions. Watch her tantrum backstage after walking off Dr. Phil’s phase, upcollection over a conversation about getting some help.

Madiboy ended up returning to the present after throwing her tantrum. Dr. Phil was fairly blunt through this household. He points out that Tom and Karen have actually created a seriously dysfunctional household. Madison has never before been taught to respect borders and walks anywhere her parents. This is not an excellent situation for anyone.

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Dr. Phil advises these frustrated paleas that the next time she is arrested, they should enable Madichild to confront the results of her actions.


Dr. Phil has actually a method of acquiring to the heart of the issue. He dishes out the reality when civilization require it the most. This is not what some human being want to hear on national television, yet it’s what they should hear.

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