i have a proviso scroll through coordianence that (09 degrees 33 minute north, 02 levels 15 minute east) Which bring me come baxtorian falls yet when ns dig anywhere i deserve to on the island ns dont obtain anything any type of tips or answers why

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Do you have actually your watch, sextant, and also chart through you together with the proviso scroll?


Edit: I"m getting slow




(1) walk to the Observatory, and also examine her coordinate proviso scroll. Then speak to the professor within the building, yet do not begin the observatory quest, as you"ll need to do it before getting the Treasure follow items

(2) currently head to port Khazard to acquire a sextant of of among the sailors

(3) now you need to head toward the watchtower and get a watch from the monk there

(4) when you have actually both the sextant and also watch head ago to the professor and talk to him (don"t start the quest) to obtain a chart

(5) currently the critical item you need is a spade, which can be choose up indigenous the respawn in ~ the estate Agents in Falador. Girlfriend can likewise buy one from any farming shop.

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Again, quoted word because that word from our guide here on Sal"s like my last post. You really have to use it. I do Treasure Trails all the time and also I constantly have my overview up in a second tab when I"m following a trail.




Edit: you can additionally make lock in a Player Owned home with the best Crafting Bench and high enough crafting level.

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